Fontlove Studio has over 80 fonts of wood and metal type, ranging widely in style and size. You're likely to find the perfect fit for your project, whether it's as small as a business card or as large as a poster. This ever-expanding collection is documented below, with links to an online specimen page where available. 


20th Century Ultra Bold Condensed 60pt
Alpha-Blox 36pt
Alternate Gothic #1 18pt
Alternate Gothic #2 48pt
Antique Extended 30pt
Aurora Condensed 25pt
Bank Gothic 6pt
Bank Gothic 12pt
Bank Gothic Condensed 18pt
Bernhard Fashion 12pt
Bernhard Gothic Heavy 18pt
Bodoni Ultra 36pt
Broadway Engraved 18pt
Century Nova 72pt
Century Nova 36pt
Century Oldstyle (Caps only) 12pt
Century Schoolbook 14pt
Century Schoolbook Bold 48pt
Century Schoolbook Italic 42pt
Comstock 24pt
Comstock 18pt
Contact Bold Condensed Italic 36pt
Cooper Black 36pt
Copperplate 6pt
Copperplate 24pt
Copperplate 18pt
Copperplate 12pt
Della Robbia 30pt
Della Robbia 36pt
Della Robbia 24pt
Engravers Roman Shaded 12pt
Engravers Text 12pt
Franklin Gothic 18pt
Franklin Gothic Condensed 72pt
Futura Bold 48pt
Futura Bold 84pt
Futura Bold Italic 30pt
Gil Sans Cameo 24pt
Gothic Condensed No. 6 72pt
Goudy 12pt
Goudy 10pt
Helvetica Medium 12pt
Helvetica Medium 24pt
Huxley Vertical 30pt
Kabel Bold 36pt
Kabel Light 12pt
Kabel Ultra (Caps Only) 24pt
Keynote 36pt
Keynote 24pt
Lining Acme 12pt
Lining Acme 8pt
Motto 24pt
Neon Shaded 24pt
News Gothic 72pt
News Gothic Bold 14pt
Niagara 24pt
Niagara 30pt
Niagara 18pt
Onyx 30pt
Outline Condensed 24pt
Parisian 12pt
Post Oldstyle 18pt
Stymie Bold 24pt
Tuscan Graille 30pt


Also below is our own 2013 specimen book. Happy font hunting!