The presses.

The majority of Fontlove Studio work is printed on a 100-year-old Chandler & Price Old Style platen press. It is 1200lbs of cast iron that is powered by a foot treadle and a flywheel with beautifully curved spokes.  

We also have two sign presses in the shop: a Showcard Model A-Special and a Showcard Full-Sheet Signmaster, both from the mid-20th century. These are flat-bed proof presses that were designed for department stores and other retailers to create their own signs. Before desktop publishing, this was how you made your "50% off sale!" signs. The Showcards allow us to make poster-sized work.

The Type.

We also have a growing collection of many fonts of vintage metal and wood type, mounted print blocks called "cuts", and hand-carved linoleum blocks.  

And some inspiration. 

We love to be surrounded by the work of other printers and designers that inspire us, in addition to our collection of vintage type ephemera.